The legend says that when the Turin was captured by the Turks, Bolyara Bozhana managed to escape from the capital and find salvation in the Balkan, in the lands where Bozhentsi is today – the architectural reserve that retains its name.
From Gabrovo to Bozhentsi you share 15km. The village is under the protection of UNESCO – it preserves the authentic Revival architecture and there is a ban on building non-village-style buildings.
Here you can stroll along the cobblestone streets and drink coffee on the sand, and also visit two houses converted into a museum and get acquainted with the bizankalki lifestyle of 18-19.
Besides a pleasant holiday, Bozhentsi is a place with a very creative atmosphere: every year there is a children’s drawing board, where children from all over the country are gathering, who also pass through their eyes through various materials (oil, ink, watercolor, .) the spirit of the village.
For lovers of long walks in the beautiful Balkan nature there is a great challenge: Bozhentsi contacted Tryavna via an eco-path.