One of the popular tourist destinations or just a walk for the guests of Gabrovo is Dryanovo Monastery. It is 15 km away. from Gabrovo and 5km. from Dryanovo, nestled among the high rocks, keeping memories since the April uprising.
The monastery „St. Archangel Michael „was founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, but several times during the Ottoman rule it was demolished and robbed. In its present form exists since 1845.
In 1876. Tsanko Dustabanov’s heroic detachment heroically defends himself from the attacks of the Turkish bashi-baskets – among the 200-strong chetniks are Pop Hariton, Bacho Kiro and Peter Parmakov. One week the queue defeats the attacks – from April 30 to May 8 – when Fazl pasha arrives from Shumen with an eight-thousand-strong army that breaks the cheta and burns the monastery.
Today the cave near the Dryanovo Monastery is named after Bacho Kiro. It has a constant temperature of 13.5 degrees, its depth is 3.5 km. It features cave paintings and cannons from the late Paleolithic, as well as the oldest remains of a bear on the Balkan Peninsula.
For lovers of long walks there is an eco-path near the cave and the monastery. It was established in 2000. and winding along the Andaka River Canyon; there are wooden bridges and stairs leading to sites with spectacular views. The eco path traveled for 2 hours