Here are some of the famous jokes of Gabrovo.
… put the taps on the eggs so they can drain as much as they need – a whole egg is a lot for a soup!
… at night they stop their watches, so that their charts will not ruin.
… they put green hats on the horses when they are poured into the crib and shawl from the latches – thinking that it is hay.
… they are also swept into the craftsman and the bargain.
… when they cook with tea, they heat the knives – it can not be taken with the oil.
… not to pay for a chimney sweep, they run the cat through the chimney with a keen newspaper in the queue.
… when the world begins to talk about something, it is already done in Gabrovo.
… seven Gabrogs with a spoon eaten and when a thief passed, there was no one to call – all eyes were in the spoon ….
… when they go to Shipka, they take their hiking shoes – not to waste their ….
… eat salted fish to drink a lot of water to save the manna …
… cut the tails of the cats so that the door closes faster so that it does not cool its own …
… buy something, want to fold them in a newspaper so they can read the newspaper …
… not to pay for a chimney sweep, run the cat through the chimney with a lighted newspaper in the queue …
… on Sundays of the choir they play in terlicas to listen for free music from neighboring Sevlievo …
… at night, they burn a lamp in the chicken to deceive the hens that it is dawn to bring it again ….
Although we are known for its frugalness in Gabrovo, we do not really rely on hospitality to anyone – come and visit us!