Two historical events marked the peak of Buzludja – in 1868. here is the battle of Hadji Dimitar, and in 1891, on the initiative of Dimitar Blagoev the Buzludzha Congress, which initiated the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, is taking place.
The events of 1868. ending tragically for the furious squad – it was broken by the Turkish army, but this gave Hristo Botev the occasion to write the poem „Hadji Dimitar“.
More recently, the BSP continued to hold a socialist assembly annually in early August. Near the monument, sympathizers gather from the whole country, with over 30-40 000 people. The building is unusable today because it has been robbed and spoiled by marauders and bad guys after the collapse of communism.
You can reach the monument from Shipka via an asphalt road.