In the consciousness of every Bulgarian, the name Shipka is associated with patriotic memories and national pride. Gabrovo is a convenient starting point for a historic walk to the immortal hill that gave the name of Bulgarian freedom.
The monument itself is located on Mount Stoletov (St. Nicholas). We advise you to leave the car at the foot of the hill and climb the stairs to the top – they are 894 in number. Above the magnificent panoramic view, you can also see the monument itself – exhibits related to the Russo-Turkish Liberation War are displayed on its separate floors. Here you will see a copy of the Samara flag, as well as many photographs, documents and weapons of that time.
The history of the monument is no less interesting. It was opened in 1934 and the funds for it were collected from donations of the Bulgarian people. In front of the monument stands a bronze lion; history tells us that no country neighboring Bulgaria wants the lion to look at it, so it is turned to the east – to the sea and to the Russians who came as liberators.
If your way to Gabrovo and Shipka is in August, you may be lucky to see a unique re-creation of the battles of the summer of 1877. Even if you can not get to the top, try the buffalo yogurt – the flavor will not disappoint you and will surely return you to this historic hill.