The House of Humor and Satire


The House of Humor and Satire, or as it is still called – The Merry House is a unique center of laughter and fun, showing the different faces of Gabrovo – cheerful, compassionate, cunning and hardworking. Even before the door you will be met by Silent Peter, your ass, the great comedian Charlie Chaplin and the eternal tandem Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa.

The home was created in 1972. on April 1 – the international day of joke, and today hosts works of artists and sculptors from around the world in permanent and temporary expositions. In the eight halls of the Merry House, one can dare to curvy mirrors, shoot a Gabrovo cat with a tail cut – a symbol of the Gabrovo carnival, hear stormy applause designed only for him, add anecdote to the bank with jokes and what not yet…

Here you can buy a glass for uninvited guests or set your watch in Gabrovo’s time. When you leave, you will certainly take part of Gabrovo humor with you, but remember that the world has survived because it laughed!